About Us

Hello! We’re Pearn Kandola, a business-psychology consultancy

We believe all businesses should embrace the power of difference. That’s why Diversity & Inclusion is at the heart of everything we offer you. It underpins all our expertise and our wide range of solutions helps you use difference to inspire your business.

We want to make the modern workplace fair for everyone.

To tell you more about us, here’s our Senior Partner, Binna Kandola.

‘Let me welcome you with a joke. What did the Indian, the American and the German have in common? Six Academy Awards.

‘Okay, so the joke doesn’t get a lot of laughs, but it helps me give you an insight into who we are. The Indian in the joke was film producer Ismail Merchant, a Muslim from Mumbai. The American is film director James Ivory, a Protestant from Berkeley, California. The German was Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, a Jewish screenwriter from Cologne. Together, they formed the iconic and Academy Award-winning film company, Merchant Ivory Productions. Although they were three individuals from three vastly different cultures, they shared a love for cinema.

‘This mutual passion inspired Merchant Ivory to make many beautiful, timeless movies. In 44 years, they made 44 films, including classics such as Howards End, The Remains of the Day and A Room with a View. It was, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest partnership in independent cinema. The rest, as they say, is history. But we think the rest is also psychology. Most people would cite this as a great example of collaboration. As psychologists, we cite this as a great example of difference.

‘Difference inspires change. It inspires scientists to break new ground. It inspires social media giants to disrupt this new age of communication. It inspires countries to vote for strong female or minority leaders. Most importantly for us, difference inspires business.

‘That’s why difference underpins our Assessment and Development services. By offering businesses a diverse range of services and 34 years of experience, we help them understand the value of difference – so that they can be more inclusive, more inspired and more successful.

‘Times are changing. We’re here to help you and your organisation draw inspiration from the diversity of this brave new world.’

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