Bespoke L&D platform for first-level leaders at Neptune

March 24, 2020

Neptune Energy are one of the world’s fastest growing E&P ventures, growing through their acquisition and development of operations in Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. With extremely ambitious growth plans, Neptune Energy have set out to recruit the market’s strongest talent and offer them an opportunity to thrive in an exciting, fast-moving business.

With the aspiration to offer leadership development support to their senior and first-level leaders, Pearn Kandola LLP have been engaged to create a framework of leadership behaviours, to support the senior executives in their leadership and line management capabilities, and to provide leadership and management support to the wider tier of first-level leaders.

We designed a bespoke learning and development platform for first-level leaders that simulates many of the self-development activities built into a leadership development centre. This allows participants, once they have logged in, to complete personality questionnaires, a bespoke 360-degree questionnaire, a situational judgement test and a motivation questionnaire. The feedback generated by these activities – within a detailed report – allows individuals to build their development plan and use this in coaching, in discussions with their line manager and in action learning groups.

The impact has been considerable, with participants sharing extremely positive feedback on the value of the exercises and the level of detail and quality in the feedback report.

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