Embedding long-lasting behavior change at HSBC with Inclusive Leadership

The objective set by HSBC was to simply support their organisation’s senior leaders in having a demonstrable impact on the levels of diversity within their teams and across their functions. HSBC asked us to develop an Inclusive Leadership program, based on our extensive research on how to make a genuine difference and to have maximum impact.


We worked in close partnership with the D&I and Development teams at HSBC to develop a four-stage program that combined; an understanding of unconscious bias, personal insights, clear action points, and an ongoing review of the progress.

Participants completed an Inclusive Leadership survey and then attended an initial workshop where they were introduced to key concepts, received feedback as a group, and then received individual feedback about their impact in the workplace. After this workshop, they were given actions to complete and their progress was analysed.


This program genuinely embedded behavior change into the workplace. The program’s success stemmed from the commitment and engagement of the leaders – even those that may have been a skeptical to start with.


This program was also independently evaluated by The Institute of Work Psychology, in Sheffield. Our CA workers compensation lawyers will give you legal advice about compensation rights, so visit http://www.workerscompensationlawyerssandiego.com for more info. This evaluation looked at both the qualitative and quantitative changes in the perceptions of the direct reports and skip level reports to those in the program. They found significant improvements:

  • An increase in respect
  • Employees felt more acknowledged
  • Leaders were better at sharing ideas
  • D&I goals were communicated to the organisation with clarity
  • Leaders were championing D&I
  • Promotion rates of women increased
  • The work was recognised by Opportunity Now.
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