Improving Senior Manager promotions at Linklaters LLP

Linklaters LLP are a leading global law firm, with a sizeable business services function that provides internal support services. The Head of HR for Business Services, Vicky Twibell, engaged Pearn Kandola to provide individual assessments as part of the Senior Manager promotions process.

There were three key drivers for this project:

  • To enhance the candidate experience through a clear process with a strong developmental focus
  • To provide rigorous and insightful analysis of candidates’ readiness
  • To introduce an independent and objective assessment that supports decision making.

Working with Vicky and her team, James Meachin, Head of Assessment at Pearn Kandola, mapped out a new end-to-end promotions process ensuring that all important criteria were being measured whilst eliminating duplication. This led to a three stage process being developed where initial nominations and screening led to a Pearn Kandola individual assessment, which informed a final stage panel interview.

Importantly, candidates were individually briefed in advance so they could prepare and perform at their best. Following the promotions process, candidates received a report from their Pearn Kandola assessment along with a three-way feedback conversation involving their line manager and a Pearn Kandola assessor. This ensured that the process was transparent and that the assessment insights were used to actively support their development, creating a common understanding of strengths and development paths between the candidate and their line manager.

Vicky Twibell commented “Our Directors found the Pearn Kandola reports to be very insightful and helpful in making hiring decisions and when planning for future individual development activities. We now have a much more robust and fair promotions process, for both internal and external hires.”

Candidate feedback from the promotions process has also been very positive, emphasising the depth of insight and the greater developmental focus. For example: “I found the Pearn Kandola debrief and report very helpful. It was great to get such detailed feedback”.

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