Tailored unconscious bias training for 3i

Unconscious bias was not a new concept to 3i. Most of their employees had already had training on unconscious bias and its implications. However, they wanted to go a step further – they wanted training that enabled their leaders and managers to make meaningful and positive progress on the Diversity & Inclusion strategy by actively managing bias and driving inclusion in their day-to-day activity.


The preferred solution was tailored face-to-face training, compared to an online offering. A long-standing relationship with 3i put us in the best position to deliver tailored, face-to-face training.


The feedback from participants was positive. The sessions were thought provoking and prompted genuine reflection. They stimulated further conversations with one another and these sessions will lead to the impact of unconscious bias being considered in future work situations. In particular, the ‘case study’ exercise sparked discussions – the participants were engaged with these real-life examples, rather than simply learning the theory behind it.

“It was a productive, professional, and positive experience. I certainly would not hesitate to work with Pearn Kandola again.”


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