Understanding bullying and harassment in CLSICO

Most service providers only offered half a day “familiarisation” on harassment and bullying in the workplace. China LNG Shipping (International) Co Ltd (CLSICO) was looking for a supplier, who understood them as a business, to deliver bespoke training, to specifically recognise if and when harassment and bullying is happening in their workplace – a marine environment, with multi-national seafarers sailing onboard their fleet of liquefied natural gas carriers.


Our work in similar environments (military, police, offshore, etc.) gave us the experience needed to succeed in this context, whilst Rob Barkworth took time to understand the business – its challenges, the issues employees face, work/life balance, etc. Regular communication helped us understand the needs of CLSICO. We created life-like scenarios specific to CLSICO using actors, offered techniques on how to recognise and combat bullying and harassment, and suggest recommendations on how to manage witnesses and claimants.


The feedback has been very positive – the participants found it very beneficial. They remarked on the fact that the situations they were exposed to during the workshop sessions were exactly the type of situations they face day-to-day in their workplace. There is now more awareness and an ability for them to catch bullying and harassment in its early stages.

“It helped them to think differently, it challenged them, and they’ve taken something really positive out from it. It’s worked for us – it brought value to the company.”

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