Guilaine Kinouani

Senior Psychologist

Guilaine is a psychologist and equality consultant in the final stages of completing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Her doctoral thesis which focuses on racial trauma is a phenomenological investigation of the emotional, behavioural, cultural and socio-historical factors that underpin experiences of racial injustice and race-based stress in people of African descent, with a particular focus on intersectionality. Her academic, clinical, and research interests are centred on issues of intersectionality, migration, racism, and social/structural inequality. Before her doctorate, Guilaine completed a degree in Cultural Studies, studied Psychology then Counselling Psychology after obtaining a Masters in Trans-cultural Mental Health. She has since completed further studies in psychoanalysis and in-group analysis.

Professionally, she has worked with some of the most marginalised groups within inner city London and Paris. She has held a number of management/senior management posts focused on equality and inclusion in the field of community development, engagement and research. She has also freelanced as a training and ‘race & culture’ consultant prior to starting her clinical psychology journey.

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