Arun Subramanian

Tech Lead

Arun works as Technical Team Lead for PK Tech. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application and a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from MS University.

He is a software engineer with experience of developing robust code for high-volume businesses. He enjoys using his expertise and technical skills to help develop and implement new ideas that contribute to the growth of the organisation.

Arun has extensive experience in web development and experience of web-based application including PHP (MySQL, SQL, WAMP/LAMP, Salesforce CRM, Mobile Application Development, CMS / LMS, WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, Drupal , AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, JS, JQuery, Ajax, Agile/Trello, Inoic Framework).

Arun is involved in various stages of the Software Development Life Cycle.

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