Simi Rayat

Psychologist & Leadership Coach

With 18 years of business psychology consulting experience, Simi is a specialist in behaviour change at the individual, group and organisational level. She is a highly experienced Chartered Business Psychologist and highly sought after professional Executive Leadership Coach. She focuses on leadership development for executive, senior and emerging level leaders for both public and private sector organisations in the UK and Australia. Simi specialises in coaching women of colour globally to progress through their leadership journey and reach their full potential.

Her areas of expertise include: executive coaching, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and psychological wellbeing.  She is a valued author for Forbes, a podcast host for Wellbeing Face’s Leadership Success Series and podcast speaker for Hays.

Simi’s style of engaging with clients is consultative and creative. She works hard to empower and shape her clients core thinking, to ensure behaviour change is achieved and sustained. Simi has a deep interest and skill in applying psychology and management models and theories to business challenges in an informed and pragmatic way to help individuals and organisations meet their strategic goals.

Having lived and worked in three different countries including Canada and Australia, Simi currently lives in London, UK with her husband and two wonderfully energetic boys.

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