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When your organisation embraces difference, it could benefit from sustained growth. Your employees grow, learn and value what they do. To help you make the most of the difference in your business, we’ve created the ‘Employee Life Cycle’. The Life Cycle has seven stages and it mirrors an employee’s time in an organisation, from start to finish. By introducing our wide range of Diversity & Inclusion, Assessment and Development services to the Life Cycle, we help you make your business more inclusive, inspired and successful.

Diversity & Inclusion

Embrace the power of diversity and inclusion

At Pearn Kandola, we combine our background as business psychologists with our experience in diversity and inclusion training, to offer your team and your organization a wealth of services and digital solutions.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion training, organizations are changing for the better. However, many organizations see it as a way of ticking boxes and some even see it as a way of being politically correct. But we believe diversity and inclusion is far more important than that.

Diversity is at the heart of everything we do. As well as offering stand-alone diversity and inclusion training and courses, we are also here to help you and your employees across all stages of the Employee Life Cycle taking your diversity and inclusion challenges into account. Our training covers a broad range of services including onboarding, employee engagement, leadership, coaching, and more!

As well as attracting and recruiting employees, we also look into other areas such as onboarding training. Successful onboarding is key to make every employee feel welcome. Onboarding doesn’t just affect engagement. It’s strongly associated with lower levels of stress, positive adjustment to a new role, and commitment to your organisation.

We are experts in the psychology of leadership: understanding the factors that enable and inhibit successful management. Our leadership development training challenges and stretches leaders to be their brilliant selves and to enable those around them to thrive, improving their business and employee engagement. Throughout our leadership development programs, we raise awareness of the impact of personal biases in leadership, leadership stereotypes, and how to create a culture of inclusion and performance.

If your leaders need in-depth solutions, our coaching solutions can benefit your entire organisation through increased profitability and retention of top talent. Our coaching psychologists have worked with thousands of leaders, from CEOs and board members to technical experts. As coaching psychologists, we have a deep understanding of people and how they learn. We understand what best stimulates them to change their behaviour and develop, both as individuals and within the organisation.

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