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Race and social integration

Jonathan Taylor
March 26, 2018
We’re a social species. And this is so much more than a simple inclination or preference. Increasingly we’re realising that our connection to others plays a vital role for our health and…
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Racism through exclusion

Nic Hammarling
March 12, 2018
70% of employees involved in a recent study[1] reported feeling excluded at work in the last six months. Given that our need to fit in is such a fundamental human instinct, this…
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Stereotypes, Prototypes and Superheroes

Stuart Duff
March 1, 2018
Last week I took my family to see The Black Panther, Marvel’s latest superhero film. I’m not sure that I am the core target audience for the film, but nonetheless I enjoyed…
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Corruption in English Football: What lessons can organisations learn from it?

Harry Verner
January 3, 2018
The City of London Police announced they will be launching an investigation into corruption in football. This was in response to the Daily Telegraph’s claim of Premier League managers (current or former)…
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Diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias – are you making the progress you need to?

Nic Hammarling
October 18, 2017
If you are reading our newsletter, there is a good chance you are interested in all things diversity, inclusion and bias related. You may well also be involved in developing, supporting or…
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