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The links between empathy and leadership

Stuart Duff
July 14, 2015
This article is a synopsis of a recent breakfast seminar delivered by Stuart Duff, Pearn Kandola’s Head of Development. Many leaders in the workplace today struggle with empathy. At Pearn Kandola, our…
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And how are you making others feel today?

Stuart Duff
April 20, 2015
An important ingredient in successful coaching is self-awareness. In fact it could be argued that it is the most important step towards successful coaching and that, without it, any positive impact of…
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Putting personality in its place

Laura Haycock
April 9, 2015
According to a BBC online test (, based on my personality, the city where I would feel happiest living is Oxford! Apparently my unique mix of artistic openness and cool stand-offishness would…
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