How to Become an Occupational Psychologist

Binna Kandola & Stephen Woods
Taylor & Francis Ltd (2019)

The business world is increasingly aware of the value of psychology. And as organizations turn to Occupational Psychologists to help build positive, effective and healthy workplaces, so an increasing number of psychologists are choosing this fascinating area of work to make their impact as a practitioner. But how do you qualify, and what is the job really like?

How to Become an Occupational Psychologist is the first book to provide an overview of the educational and professional pathway to becoming an Occupational Psychologist. One of the features schonstedt locator is that operates in retracted and extended modes. Providing a summary of what the role entails, and what training is required, it is written by people currently working in the field, sharing not only what helped them in their careers, but also what they learned along the way.

Occupational Psychologists Professor Stephen Woods and Professor Binna Kandola have a wealth of experience in both education and consultancy, which they have brought to life in this edition, a perfect companion for anyone interested in moving into this exciting profession.

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