Free to Soar: Race & Wellbeing in Organisations

Edited by Kandola, B.
Pearn Kandola Publishing (2020)

A sense of belonging and inclusion in the work place is vital for all employees’ wellbeing, yet the default state that minorities find themselves in is exclusion. What’s more, minorities are more aware of negative social cues, which can further distance them from their fellow employees. As a result, not only do minorities’ emotional states decrease, but their performance does as well.

This ground-breaking book examines in detail the negative effects discrimination has on minority groups. It looks at the degree to which employees are affected, mentally and physically, by issues such as racial trauma and micro-incivilities. It discusses how wellbeing and performance at work are intrinsically linked and offers practical solutions for both employers and employees to combat race and bias in the workplace.

Ultimately, when minorities’ wellbeing increases, so does their resilience, performance, career prospects, and their organisation benefits as well.

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“Binna Kandola brings together experts in their field to offer refreshing perspectives on a hugely important topic: diversity in the workplace. More than just a number, as the authors powerfully reveal, diversity and inclusion are intimately connected to psychological well-being. Elegantly blending theory and practice, Free to Soar is above all a work of self-empowerment and collective prosperity.”

David Lammy, Member of Parliament for Tottenham, Shadow Secretary of State for Justice

“I thought the book was an extremely timely and sensible piece at an extremely important moment in modern British history. Much of the dialogue recently, particularly around race, has been emotionally driven and lacking in evidence. I really love the fact this book is grounded in extremely thorough scientific research and points made were addressed with a series of useful, practical solutions.”

Anthony Burnett, Assistant Director, Diversity and Inclusion, West Midlands Police

“This book is for anyone who cares about people and wants to create the conditions within which everyone has the opportunity to thrive: For this to happen, you need to intentionally focus on the wellbeing of your Black, Asian, and minority ethnic colleagues.”

Fiona Pargeter, Business Psychologist & D&I Practitioner

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