The Graduate Recruitment Manual

Rajvinder Kandola, Robert Wood, Bindi Dholakia and Carol Keane
Gower Publishing Ltd (2001)
Book review

I have always found the recruitment of graduates a very hard subject to deal with because of the many different standards of KSE (Knowledge, Skill and Experience), even within one particular subject. Also, once you start to apply the graduate recruitment in a global way, it then brings into play another full set of conditions of the items to be considered to satisfy a particular country.

In trying to break it down to gain the best approach, I have found that one should first consider the following for each student: K (Knowledge), S (Skill), E (Experience) and background of education. The need of the graduate is the experience to go with his/her stage of education. The graduate has to think more than ever before that the position he/she takes will not necessarily be for a lifetime, so therefore must consider maybe three career moves within their working life. They should prepare for this by constant advancement along their chosen path, together with CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

On reading this book, I would recommend it to any person who is involved in the search for graduates as it has very good guidelines throughout.

Chapter 2 ‘Sending the Right Message’, is most helpful with clear details stated in the charts. Special attention should be paid to Chapter 6, ‘Selection Methods’, since this breaks down the selection methods with charts that can be applied quickly with good results. The global side is well taken care of in Chapter 7, ‘The Global Graduate Recruiter’.

A very good investment for any company – purchasing this book could save a great deal of time.

Professor H J Manners

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