iLEAD Book Set

Duff, S.
Pearn Kandola Publishing (2015)

iLEAD™ TOOLS: People, Task & Thought Leadership

iLEAD Tools is a series of three books containing practical and informative tools which will help you to develop key management and leadership skills.

This unique personal development resource from Pearn Kandola is the result of thirty years of consultancy and training working with private and public organisations in the UK and around the world. Distilled into three volumes of clear, concise, expert leadership advice and using tried and tested psychological techniques, the 47 tools in this comprehensive Toolkit are split into helpful bite-sized sections ready to put into practice, spanning all aspects of leadership in business and beyond.

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Book Reviews

With its refreshing layout and unconventional design, the winning book challenges what we typically refer to as a ‘textbook’. Focusing on the key areas of People, Task and Thought Leadership, each book is practical, accessible and progressive in its design; stimulating the reader with captivating visual elements and informed content to provoke critical thinking.

All three books provide a valuable resource, to aid study and to inspire management and leadership thinking. The structure of the collection, with the inclusion of constructive management and leadership tools throughout, delivers a rounded resource for individuals as they develop as both a manager and a leader. The author’s coaching expertise is evident throughout and adds a compelling element to management theory.

iLead, by Stuart Duff, is the very worthy winner of the Management Leadership Textbook category 2016.

— Professor Rebecca Taylor, Executive Dean and Director of Studies, Faculty of Business and Law. The Open University

Stuart Duff and his team at Pearn Kandola have come up with an excellent tool kit of resources for all of us who lead or aspire to do so. Tried and tested in the field, the contents are a cut above most similar offerings. Self help manuals line the shelves of most bookshops, so what makes this one different, and worth your time?

  • It’s authoritative, linked to a credible leadership model (this is the full set, but 3 books are available separately) and packed with mini-insights from the field of business psychology that make sure the highlighted tips are grounded in sound theory and empirical evidence.
  • It’s practical, each of the three topic areas are broken down into sensible components, and each component is addressed via a bite size theoretical component, lots of self-diagnostic materials and some really practical ideas for moving from page to “real life”.
  • It’s pragmatic, aimed at being a dip-in, on demand resource rather than an exhaustive thesis. For busy people like me, even with many years experience in the field, there were a number of immediately usable elements that took only minutes to read, digest and apply.

— David Hain, Director. Transformation Partners

What I particularly like about the 3 iLEAD Tools books is how they are structured.

Firstly, the division of leadership into Thought, Task, and People leadership in 3 separate guides. We can all spend many hours discussing the definition of ‘leadership’ and this division is a very practical way of getting past that debate and into some practical techniques and tools.

Secondly, the clearly laid out sections covering tools and techniques on key areas within each of these 3 guides. This means you can dip into them and easily find the ‘how to’ section that is of interest.

And they not only work as a useful resource for the managers and leaders themselves, but also for people coaching others in their development, whether as professional coach or as line manager. There are questions, easy to use models and ideas for next steps that can helpfully inform a productive development coaching session, as well as being a well-structure, self-study session.

All in all, a very easy to use, succinct set of guides.

— Paul Bennett. Operations Director. A leading Professional Services Firm

What sets these books apart from the many management and leadership toolkits that you could pick off the shelf is the range of practical solutions to more subtle and nuanced individual development needs e.g. How to be confident in making judgement calls, how to cope with setbacks, how to create team identify, how to support and challenge in tandem etc.

Each topic contains interesting and engaging stories, anecdotes and case studies to bring the concepts to life. There are practical overviews with suggestions about tangible actions you could take in each situation and short exercises to complete to help identify where you might need to put your attention. The books are easily readable, helpfully and thoroughly referenced and highly reflective of professional workplaces and the demands on leaders today. All the models are chosen with their relevance to the topic in question and explained well with reference to the issue under the spotlight.

These books would be helpful for individuals to use as a suite of self-development materials and also provide a mine of information for L&D and HR professionals guiding and advising on senior development needs. Highly recommended.

— Sharon Bancroft. Eversheds

Published by Pearn Kandola, iLEAD Tools is a comprehensive and easy to use set of practical resources for all those aspiring to be better leaders in organisations and business. Literally dozens of top tips, management techniques, behavioural models and structured activities are brought together into three volumes, focusing on Task, Thought and People Leadership respectively.

Each of the three titles is then further categorised under relevant headings ensuring that searching for an appropriate resource or activity is simple, quick and delivers the required content. So Task Leadership is broken down into Owning, Driving, Engaging and Sustaining. Thought Leadership is categorised as Imagining, Discerning, Shaping and Challenging, and People Leadership classified by Mobilising, Connecting, Building and Meaning.

Pearn Kandola have been leaders in occupational psychology, leadership assessment and development for nearly thirty years and some of their most experienced consultants have contributed to iLEAD, their contributions all brought together by the careful editing of Partner and Head of Development, Stuart Duff. The depth and breadth of material therefore is considerable, and all of the models and approaches validated in real business contexts. To give an example of the range of subjects covered the resources on offer span operational areas such as resource management and process improvement through to core management skills such as how to delegate effectively or give feedback, taking in ethical decision making and working through ambiguity along the way.

What I like most about this particular publication is the innovative approach of producing hardcopies of all these tools and techniques, so the set can sit on your desk, always to hand and readily accessible. I believe this will appeal to managers whose time is limited, as well as those who are happy to explore the similarly wide range of content now available online. And for some of us no need to remember passwords and usernames would be another advantage!

— John Wilson. Group Talent & Leadership Manager. NFU Mutual

The iLEAD trilogy of People, Task and Thought leadership books have been a real gem in Camden Council’s leadership development programme, aspiring leaders work, and in developing middle managers.

Each book offers insight, challenge, reflection and practical tools to address organisation and people issues. They all follow a useful formula setting out thought provoking insights and challenges at the beginning of each chapter using an ‘isn’t it interesting?’ introduction to the particular aspect covered. Each chapter provides theoretical models, practical applications, tips and tools which can be read as a whole, or dipped into when required. A coaching narrative runs throughout the books enabling the reader to appraise situations, options and provides an alternative lens through which to consider challenges. In addition there are step by step walk throughs to core leadership skills such as developing strategy and learning styles, all of which support self-awareness and the awareness of other’s needs and preferences.

These are fantastic core leadership tools.

— Emma Bown. Lead HR Advisor. London Borough of Camden

Stuart Duff and his colleagues have done an excellent job with the workbooks – well written, interesting and insightful. The perfect resource for a manager’s desk, and an excellent read for a flight to Paris or Aberdeen.

— Prof Jonathan Passmore

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