iLEAD People Leadership

Duff, S.
Pearn Kandola Publishing (2015)
An introduction to People Leadership

A look at one of the Thought Leadership tools – ‘How to motivate others’

 Book reviews
This is a beautiful set of books, they have a quality feel about them – the sort of books you want to pick up and look through, a stylish reference on any desk.

The model of mobilising, connecting, building and meaning were helpful divisions in the People Leadership book. The detail under each section doesn’t tell us anything new, but what it offered were good practical exercises or activities that anyone could follow for personal development and growth. Each article is clearly written and the use of concepts and diagrams helped to convey its messages well. The articles I found most helpful and innovative were the trust model; creating team identity and personal meaning. But equally all other articles will prove helpful, particularly to those new to a leadership role, or those keen on personal development and self awareness.

— Kathy Bowden-Ellis, Hampshire Fire & Rescue

This site provides a wealth of information about home painting in Ireland. I think it is appropriate for those who are leaders and could do with a ‘brush up’ on their people skills, for those who aspire to be leaders or for those who work in the area of developing leadership skills.

Each section is underpinned with useful facts and relevant psychological theory and helpfully laid out with often amusing, but mainly very informative notes of interest, underlying theory and very practical tools which you can use for your own development or the development of others. As a coach, I find it very easy to dip into certain exercises and have recommended it to clients.

— Philippa Hain, Business Psychologist and Management Coach

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