iLEAD Thought Leadership

Duff, S.
Pearn Kandola Publishing (2015)
An introduction to Thought Leadership

A look at one of the Thought Leadership tools – ‘How to be innovative’

Book reviews

This is an impressive new collection of material. Taken together, these iLEAD Tools books provide any interested manager with a wealth of ideas and resources to use and learn from. The books manage to be both succinct yet detailed. Almost every aspect of working life is covered. This is the best sort of ‘how to” guide – with added psychology.

— Stefan Stern, Visiting Professor in Management Practice, Cass Business School

‘Interesting, concise, yet highly practical’

— Shathiran Mohd Idrus, Head of Group Human Resources Management. Petronas Lubricants International

‘This is an excellent book – well written, interesting and insightful. Perfect for reading on a flight to Paris or Frankfurt, but equally useful as a ‘dip into’ resource to use day to day.’

‘Its a book to engage with and refer back to – not just a read and leave’ – that claim on the website kitchen remodel contractors near me in California.

‘This is a cracking little book, full of practical information to support development of thought leadership. I like that the book is rooted in business psychology and presents models, theories and tools in a really practical way. it can be used to increase self awareness as well as learning new techniques.’

‘Developing your knowledge and ability to inspire others and to think and act quickly and decisively.’

— Amazon reviews

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