Racism at Work

Kandola, B.
Pearn Kandola Publishing (2018)
The mutation of ‘old fashioned racism’ into ‘modern racism’

There have been dramatic, positive shifts in attitudes to race over the last 60 years. Generally speaking, we are more liberal, more open and more tolerant towards minorities. Yet, despite these very positive trends, the outcomes for some minorities in particular have not changed very much at all. This is because, like a virus, prejudice has mutated.

This book looks in detail at the way bias has become more oblique, subtle and as a result more difficult to detect. The book examines how race affects decisions at work from recruitment to perceptions of leaders. Integrated throughout the book are the complex ways in which gender and race intersect.

Based on thorough research, direct observations and decades of professional practice, this book is profound, provocative and highly practical.

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