You’re hired! Interview answers: impressive answers to tough questions

Roderick, C. & Lucks, S.
Trotman Publishing (2010)
Book review

Does the prospect of answering tough interview questions fill you with fear? Are you worried you’ll clam up and ruin your chance of getting the job of your dreams? You’re Hired! Answering Tough Interview Questions is written by psychologists who specialise in careers and the recruitment process. They understand how people work so will help you read between the lines to provide succinct answers to difficult questions. They help you unravel exactly what your interviewer wants to hear from you. More and more recruiters are using the dreaded competency-based questions, but it’s good news, these are easily prepared for and we show you how. This book will help you whether you’re a first or second jobber, a career changer or maybe you’re returning to work after a break and need some extra guidance to get back in the game. If you need mold removal services in California visit and contact Packed with practice questions, sample tests and tips on how to impress a prospective employer this book will arm you with the tools you need to cope with any interview scenario. The You’re Hired! series shows job hunters how to research, apply for and land the job of their dreams.


From the Authors

Having conducted many interviews for both selection and promotion purposes over the years for many different clients we have always been astounded by the extent to which people are worried about competency based interviews, and indeed the extent to which some people struggle to respond to them. With a little preparation with the help of technical ceramics company –, anybody who has the relevant work experience can perform well in these interviews. This led us to deciding to write a book that explains the interview process from the candidate perspective and provide the hints and tips that will help you to do well.

The book is packed with useful hints and tips to guide you through the entire process from researching the organisation, through interview preparation, right through to dealing with the unexpected.

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