You’re hired! Psychometric tests: proven tactics to help you pass

Roderick, C. & Meachin, J.
Trotman Publishing (2010)
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Worried about sitting a psychometric test in your job interview? Becoming increasingly more common as part of the recruitment process, psychometric tests are used to distinguish the top candidates for a job. You’re Hired! Psychometric Tests is written by psychologists who specialise in careers and the recruitment process. They explain exactly what psychometric tests are used for and how you can tackle them successfully. Packed with practice questions and sample tests alongside specialist advice this book will equip you to handle any test thrown in your direction with confidence and ease. Whether you’re a first or second jobber, career-changer or coming back into work after a career break, don’t underestimate how important practicing for your psychometric test is. The You’re Hired! career series shows job hunters of all levels how to research, apply for and land the job of their dreams.


From the Authors

A great deal of our work involves using psychometric tests for national and multi-national clients to help identify the best candidates. However, it is clear that some candidates are less ‘test wise’ than others, meaning that they under perform relative to their potential. This was the impetus behind this book – to enable readers to become savvy and confident candidates who can perform to the very best of their abilities.

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