For over 35 years, Pearn Kandola has been driven by a desire to make the world fairer.

With our digital solutions, our clients can now reach deeper within their business to bring about real change.

Inclusive Cultures Pearn Kandola Digital SolutionsInclusive Cultures

Together we can make the world fairer.

The benefits of inclusion are well known, yet whilst many organisations strive to create inclusive cultures, the work can be challenging and slow. Drawn from our research, deep expertise, and practical experience, we have created a unique suite of digital solutions that will truly move the dial on inclusion.

Now there is no excuse.

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Bias Gym

Bias is not inevitable – we can do something about it.

Not all bias is the same. Gender is different from race, race from age, and so on. Even within a specific area of bias, for example, gender, different factors lead to the disparities often observed between men and women. This means that different approaches are needed to address bias and its causes. Our digital solutions combat bias at its source so that it can no longer impact our decision making.


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Diverse Talent Pearn Kandola Digital SolutionsDiverse Talent

Develop all of your talent.

All parts of the employee lifecycle need to be fair to ensure the best talent is attracted to an organisation, is selected to job openings and then thrives throughout their career when working in the business. Our digital solutions ensure that all talent, regardless of their diversity, has the opportunity to learn and grow in ways that maximises their unique potential and builds their leadership abilities.

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