Nelson Mandela once said no-one is born disliking another because of their skin colour. Now backed up by ample research, we know this to be true. Via the mass media and culture that surrounds us, we learn from a young age to associate white people with positive things and black people and ethnic minorities with negative things. Even people from ethnic minority groups can display this pro-white bias. Such negative associations have been shown to underpin the many types of discrimination experienced by black and ethnic minority people in the judicial system, education, healthcare and the workplace. These findings may make us feel uncomfortable – most of us are not intentionally prejudice – but discomfort is not a reason for inaction.

For less than 3 minutes a day CONDITION breaks implicit race bias.


Racial bias has been learnt, the good news is, with a little effort we can unlearn it.

Unlike other methods used to address bias, CONDITION stops bias at its source.  If bias is not activated, then it cannot influence our decisions. CONDITION is:

  • Quick to complete – it takes no more than the time to make a cup of tea!
  • It is easily accessed – you can do it on any device.
  • It is flexible – you can schedule when you want to do it so it fits around your other work demands.
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Benefits for the individual

  • It will weaken your implicit racial bias.
  • It will raise awareness of implicit racial bias.
  • You will feel more comfortable discussing racial bias.




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Impact on the organisation

  • It weakens implicit race bias so that it cannot impact on decisions.
  • It raises awareness of the prevalence of race bias.
  • It opens a dialogue – people are more comfortable discussing bias.
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  • CONDITION has given me pause for thought and reminded me of the need to be conscious of the fact that I and others do carry about unconscious bias that we need to be cognisant of.
  • I feel CONDITION is something we should practice a handful of times a year so that we keep it fresh.