Research has shown that gender stereotypes are one of the key drivers of gender disparity within organisations. But, gender bias is not inevitable – we can do something about it if we want to.

SCULPT stops bias at its source.

If bias is not activated, then it cannot influence our decisions.


SCULPT is quick, fun, and effective. The fact that it’s digital means there’s no excuse! You can breakdown gender stereotypes at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.


  • Quick to complete – it takes no more than the time to make a cup of tea!
  • Easily accessed – you can do it on any device.
  • Flexible – you can schedule when you want to do it so it fits around your other work demands.
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Benefits for the individual

  • It will weaken your implicit gender stereotypes.
  • It will raise awareness of gender stereotypes; you will be more able to spot them.
  • You will feel more comfortable discussing gender-stereotypes.





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Benefits for the organisation

  • It weakens implicit gender stereotypes so they cannot impact on decisions.
  • It raises awareness of prevalence of gender bias.
  • It opens a dialogue – people are more comfortable discussing bias.
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  • I like it. I think it creates awareness around what tendencies are around men and women stereotypes and makes you think about them.
  • Really helpful to understand stereotypes.