Picture leaders you work with and admire. If you are like most people, the individuals you are thinking about are likely to be predominantly male. They are also likely to be predominantly white. Leadership is not a trait we associate with black people. In fact, many of the stereotypes activated when we come into contact with black people are negative. In contrast, stereotypes associated with white people tend to be positive. These associations are cultural stereotypes, learnt from our environment from a very young age. You may not explicitly endorse them, but it is difficult for our brain not to be aware of these associations and for these cognitive biases to have an impact on our behaviour and decision-making.

TONE-B stops bias at it’s source. 

If race stereotypes are not activated, they cannot influence our behaviour.


TONE-B targets race stereotypes so that they cannot influence behaviour.

  • It is quick to complete – it takes no more than the time to make a cup of tea!
  • It is easily accessed – you can do it on any device.
  • It is flexible – you can schedule when you want to do it so it fits around your other work demands.

There’s really no excuse!

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Benefits for the individual

  • It will weaken your implicit race stereotypes.
  • It will raise awareness of race stereotypes; you will be more able to spot them.
  • You will feel more comfortable discussing race stereotypes.


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Benefits for the organisation

  • It weakens race stereotypes so they cannot impact on decisions.
  • It raises awareness of the prevalence of race stereotypes.
  • It opens a dialogue – people are more comfortable discussing bias.
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  • It was an uncomfortable exercise but a valuable one!