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Our lite version of iLEAD™ offers a condensed suite of online tools, designed around the Pearn Kandola leadership model. In less than 45 minutes, leaders and managers can get essential and insightful feedback on People, Task, and Thought Leadership.


  • Based on our evidence-based leadership model.
  • Select from a range of diagnostic tools to get insight into leadership capability.
  • Completed online, at your own convenience.
  • Takes less than 45 minutes to complete.
  • Results all presented within a personal dashboard.
  • Links to the iLEAD™ toolkit containing activities to support leadership development.
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Benefits for the individual

  • Provides insights into your leadership style and impact.
  • Supports the creation of a plan to develop your talents.
  • Gives access to iLEAD™ Toolkit to guide personal development.



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Benefits for the organisation

  • Develop more engaged and self-aware leaders.
  • Understand key leadership strengths and development needs across your business.
  • The ability for a greater number of people to enjoy the benefits of in-depth feedback, reflection, and development planning.
  • Participants spend little time away from their everyday responsibilities.
  • Development for all, not just a few.
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  • We wanted to make sure that this process was as easy as it could possibly be. We really liked iLEAD Lite because it was all done on the computer, which meant that people could do it in their own time and it was very convenient.”