“Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast.”

Our iLEAD™ Tools are an innovative suite of leadership development tools. Created by our psychologists using the latest research and supported by years of experience in coaching and developing leaders for several leading UK and international organisations, the tools improve and support the development of leaders in three core areas: People, Task and Thought Leadership.


  • Practical tools to support personal development.
  • Access online.
  • Engaging and easy to use.
  • Use as a reference to support development, anytime, anywhere.
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Benefits for the individual

  • Access over 50 tools to support your development.
  • Practical guidance on how to address a wide variety of workplace challenges.
  • Select the tools that would specifically support your personal development.


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Benefits for the organisation

  • Development for all, not just a few.
  • Provide leaders with ideas and practical advice on how to handle a wide range of workplace challenges, such as:
    • How to generate a compelling vision.
    • How to develop strategic long-term goals.
    • How to be assertive.
    • How to manage difficult conversations.
    • How to engage others to deliver.
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  • Stuart Duff and the team at Pearn Kandola have come up with an excellent tool kit of resources for all of us who lead or aspire to do so. Tried and tested in the field, the contents are a cut above most similar offerings.
  • As someone who is generally disappointed with the quality of most so-called 'management texts', it is refreshingly reassuring to come across such a comprehensive suite of leadership tools that are, most importantly, based on psychological research and a knowledge of what actually works.
  • Each topic contains interesting and engaging stories, anecdotes, and case studies to bring the concepts to life. There are practical overviews with suggestions about tangible actions you could take in each situation and short exercises to complete to help identify where you might need to put your attention.