PK:COACH is a versatile digital solution that revolutionises how you gather and process candidate data from Assessment & Development events. You can use it to manage the whole process, from recording assessor feedback and ratings to processing the data and producing feedback reports. The tool enables you to analyse outputs from events in an intuitive way.


  • Access PK:COACH online, any time, anywhere.
  • Streamlined marking process.
  • Automated scoring based on feedback and ratings entered.


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Benefits for the individual

  • Instant feedback on your strengths and weaknesses against your organisation’s competencies.
  • View your results and generate a personal online development plan.
  • Share your report with nominated colleagues to support your development.



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Benefits for the organisation

  • Aligned to your assessment exercises, competencies, and indicators.
  • Collates all exercise ratings and uses them to calculate a score for each competence.
  • Flexible reporting captures the information you need to make the right decisions.
  • Data is readily accessed, enabling personal development conversations.
  • It’s easy to check assessor scores and comments and maintain quality standards.
  • Overview of the strengths and weaknesses across cohorts.
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  • Overall, I truly believe that the immersion within this development centre, using PK:COACH as a platform, was superb - one of the best that I have been involved in - and I know that I will be looking to use PK again on other development and assessment opportunities in the future.
  • PK:COACH allowed us to run a senior management development centre at KAUST in the most cost and time-efficient way. PK:COACH provided a great platform for gathering development data for every participant on the programme and for KAUST more widely. Thank you Pearn Kandola!