Remote working doesn’t have to be challenging.

Whilst some of us thrive when remote working, some of us are just looking to survive. Gain insights into how well you handle remote working. And more importantly, what you need to do to become more efficient, effective, and productive.

Making remote working work for you

We all adapt to remote working in different ways. Some will thrive on the day-to-day variety, while some will adapt by creating structure and routine. PK:INDYNAMICS REMOTE provides feedback on how equipped individuals are to work remotely. Having clear insights on individual differences in work-styles will enable team members and leaders to build on a team’s strengths and manage the risks, thus accelerating the effectiveness and productivity of their business.

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Benefits for the whole organisation

PK:INDYNAMICS REMOTE has the capacity to reach team members across broad geographies, in a cost effective fashion. It allows its users to:

  • Complete quickly online, at their own convenience.
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses in their remote working style.
  • Receive instant access to results.
  • Obtain guidance on how to be more effective.
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The outcomes

After completing PK:INDYNAMICS REMOTE you will be able to:

  • See clear insights on team effectiveness of remote working.
  • Build on team strengths and manage the risks of remote working.
  • Identify hotspots where greater support is required.
  • Accelerate the effectiveness of your remote teams.
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  • Efficient yet comprehensive tool to give you a temperature check on team behaviours.
  • The results were accurate - I recognised myself in them!
  • Quick and easy to do.
  • The insights led to a behavioural change. I have made a concerted effort to reach out to people I wouldn't normally.