What drives people to be inclusive?

Do you know what drives people within your organisation to be inclusive, or what sits behind a lack of engagement? Identifying what motivates your teams is critical to understanding what will drive them to create a more inclusive culture.

But how do you get there?


PK:DRIVE is a cutting edge digital solution that improves individual and organisational performance by increasing inclusion.

Data-driven insights into key motivators help everyone to contribute to an inclusive environment, in which everybody feels motivated and engaged to behave in an inclusive and fair way.

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Get insight into inclusion drivers

Different people have different drivers.

Some people will be driven to be more inclusive because they feel “it’s just the right thing to do”, whilst others will be driven by the business benefits inclusion creates.

With PK:DRIVE each individual user finds out what their key inclusion driver is, and receives in-depth feedback about what this means and how they can use this information.

Create inclusion despite difference

You also get insight into how each individual’s motivational driver interacts with others, including those who are differently motivated. When individuals within a team are differently motivated to achieve the same goal, tensions can arise.

The feedback and insights from PK:DRIVE highlight what this tension might feel like in the moment, and how to work with others to achieve inclusion despite such differences.

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Develop tailored action plans

PK:DRIVE’s team-level aggregate data enables you to identify the most effective methods of satisfying the needs of teams and therefore how you can create effective behaviour change.

Managers and business leaders can use this data to consider how they approach inclusion within their team and create tailored action plans.

Drive lasting behaviour change

One team may be driven to take action by data, research and statistics highlighting the impact of exclusion and the benefits of inclusion.​ For another, it may be learning about the lived experiences of an individual who has been excluded.

Tailoring your approach in this way makes you far more likely to get engagement from your teams and create lasting behaviour change that improves the performance of the entire organisation.

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Maximise your D&I investment

For the wider organisation, insight into inclusion drivers helps tailor your diversity and inclusion strategy to ensure the most effective investment in initiatives and activities.

Research has consistently shown that the most lasting behaviour change comes from initiatives tailored to the learning styles and preferences of the individuals taking part.

Inclusion improves performance

As a leader or team member, adapting your style or approach depending on individuals’ motivators is not about coercion. It’s about creating a win-win situation.

Their needs are satisfied, which in turn motivates them to do their best at the task you’re asking them to complete.

Another way to think about this is the cost of NOT doing it. What’s the price to your organisation for overlooking an individual’s motivators?

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