Inclusive leaders inspire loyalty, motivation and success.
Look at some of the most successful businesses in the world – they’re led by inclusive people. That’s because inclusive leaders get the best out of their employees, enabling their organisations to thrive.

Lead by example

Based on over 35 years of expertise in diversity, inclusion, and leadership development, we have developed PK:INDYNAMICS LEADER to give the most influential people in your business insights into how inclusive they are and what they can do to be more inclusive. Key features:

  • Based on the Pearn Kandola model of inclusion.
  • Measures behaviour and work style.
  • Completed online.
  • Results are viewed in a personal dashboard.
  • Ability to reach leaders spread across broad geographies.
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Inclusion insights

PK:INDYNAMICS LEADER provides a depth of insight into a leader’s skillset and what they need to do to be more inclusive. Leaders will be able to:

  • Understand how inclusive their team perceives them to be.
  • Understand how this differs from their own perception of their inclusive behaviours.
  • Understand how their personality impacts on how inclusive they may be.
  • Receive guidance on what they can do to be more inclusive.
  • Benefit from in-depth feedback, reflection, and development planning.
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The outcomes

  • Leaders display more inclusive behaviours.
  • Employees feel more included.
  • Teams run by inclusive leaders are engaged, innovative, profitable, and have reduced turnover.
  • Inclusive leaders create teams who are 84% more motivated and 81% more productive than those with leaders who fail to do so.
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PK-INDYNAMICS leader The outcomes


  • The leadership report is invaluable.
  • The personal reports were particularly insightful.
  • I've got some good ideas from the report about how to engage some of the more reticent members of my team.