Inclusive leaders inspire loyalty, motivation and success.

Look at some of the most successful businesses in the world – they’re led by inclusive people.
That’s because inclusive leaders get the best out of their employees, enabling their organisations to thrive.


We know that inclusive leadership is critical for creating an inclusive environment, but do you know how inclusive your leaders are?

Do your leaders know where their strengths are with regards to inclusion and, importantly, what their development needs are?

Based on over 35 years of expertise in diversity, inclusion, and leadership development, we have developed PK:INDYNAMICS LEADER to give the most influential people in your business insights into how inclusive they are and what they can do to be more inclusive.

Lead by example

Personal insight is essential to ensure inclusive behaviours are being nurtured, so that everyone in your business can thrive.

The role of the leader needs to go beyond building diverse teams. They need to proactively create an inclusive and safe environment in which every team member can be themselves and perform at their best.

An inclusive leader creates an environment where team members feel they belong. This leads to better ideas, more innovation and better business results.

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Create inclusion through insight

The cornerstone of any inclusive culture is trust.

It’s about bringing different people together and making sure they feel safe enough to openly share their experience, knowledge and opinions – with each other and their leaders – in a healthy, honest environment.

But without clear insight into how inclusive their team perceives them to be and how this differs from their own perception of their inclusive behaviours, leaders will struggle to achieve this goal.

PK:INDYNAMICS LEADER provides that insight and gives comprehensive feedback on three fundamental aspects of leadership: Culture, Relationships and Decision Making.

Specific, actionable feedback

The output from PK:INDYNAMICS LEADER is unlike any other solution.

Leaders will learn what they need to do to be more inclusive so they can take concrete and immediate action to create lasting change.

Access to aggregate data allows the business to determine what leaders are doing well and where there is room for targeted improvement. Armed with this insight you can be more focused with your interventions.

The feedback is supported by guidance to help them understand exactly what action they can take to be more inclusive. Highlighting the specific development needs of your leaders helps them identify where they need to focus their efforts in order to create effective change.

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The benefits of inclusion

Research has shown that teams run by inclusive leaders perform better and have reduced staff turnover:

  • Inclusive teams are 84% more motivated and 81% more productive
  • 50% of new ideas are lost due to employees feeling unheard
  • 40% of employees leave an organisation because they don’t feel included

PK:INDYNAMICS LEADER helps you focus your D&I investment where it will do the most good and bring about lasting change.

What’s the potential cost to your organisation of not investing in inclusion?