Racism at Work Podcast Episode 2: Leadership – diversity and the tone at the top

Racism at Work podcast: Leadership and bias

In the second episode of the Racism at Work podcast we discuss the qualities, stereotypes and accountability associated with leadership, before delving into the lack of BAME representation at senior level. The role organisations need their leaders to play to drive the vital change we need to have the right conversations, treat diversity as a priority and how effective things like mentorships, sponsorship and networks can be in accelerating development.

“Stereotypical image of a leader? We call them ‘snowy white peaks’. People working in that organisation must see those images and think one has to be like that to make it.” – Tola Ayoola

Tola Ayoola, is the META Programme Lead at the Cabinet Office. You can connect with Tola on LinkedIn. Chika Aghadiuno, Group Risk Strategy & Analysis Director at Aviva and you can follow her updates on LinkedIn as well.

We cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Leadership prototypes: how they shape our expectations and assumptions in terms of how leaders should be role models
  • Why is there such a lack of BAME people in leaderships roles?
  • What tangible changes can or should happen at both an individual level, or a systemic level in order for us to see progress in the future for equal opportunities?
  • Why diversity is of staff is a strategic imperative for businesses
  • How we can apply a Diversity and Inclusion lens to all steps of the recruitment processes
  • Do BAME employee development programs work in accelerating development?
  • What can be done to enable BAME people to be more confident in putting themselves forward for more leadership roles
  • The legacies that leaders leave behind them
  • What’s the role of networks, mentors and sponsors in progression of our talent”

“You can tell the difference between an organisation that truly ‘gets it’, and one where they’re just complying and paying lip service. One will have traction and the other will not.” – Chika Aghadiuno

And much more. Please enjoy, and be sure to grab a copy of Racism at Work: The Danger of Indifference and connect with Professor Binna Kandola OBE on LinkedIn to join the conversation or share your thoughts.

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