Employee Life Cycle

Difference inspires business. Diversity & Inclusion inspires change. It inspires scientists to break new ground. It inspires tech giants to innovate. It’s inspiring countries to vote for female and minority leaders. Diversity & Inclusion is also the foundation of all our work. We believe embracing difference can inspire your organisation and your employees to do great things.

That’s why Diversity & Inclusion underpins all the work we do. We articulate this as the ‘Employee Life Cycle’. Taking inspiration from Shakespeare’s ‘Seven Ages of Man’, we see employees as ‘all the men and women’, they make entrances and exits, their time in an organisation defined by seven stages.

We use our expertise in Diversity & Inclusion, Assessment and Development to help you support your employees at every stage of their Life Cycle. That’s why we’ve woven our broad range of services through the seven key stages, which are: