How to offer all employees fair training and development opportunities

Your values, expectations, practices and norms define your organisation’s culture. It evolves to match the changing demands of the environment you work in and with continued training and development, so that your business will become more than the sum of its parts. The best way to do this is to harness the differences in your team. You can do this by encouraging creative challenges and building effective team unity. Getting teamwork right is essential to making the most of each individual’s talents.

One way of doing this is making sure your teams are inclusive. For example, a network analysis can produce ‘network maps’ of your team, function or department and tell you how inclusive those groups are. They can pick up on any diversity themes, such as how well connected women and ethnic minority employees are. Identifying things such as career blocks and exclusive networks should also be addressed – leading to a more inclusive culture.

In this brave new world of difference, many organisations are trying hard to offer all their employees fair training and development opportunities. There is an urgent need to tackle this at all levels. Empowering employees through leaders is best way to do this.

Inclusive Leaders for now and the future

We work with  leaders to maximise the potential of their teams. Understanding the strengths and risks for any team is crucial, so using the right diagnostic tools is critical to measure these. For long-lasting change, we recommend working with our coaches, who have worked with thousands of leaders. As coaching psychologists, we have a deep understanding of people and how they learn. We understand what best motivates them to change their behaviour and develop, helping them as individuals and their organisation.

Don’t stop there. Discovering tomorrow’s leaders today will stand you in good stead for the uncertain times ahead. And there’s no better time to start. The benefits of identifying great potential are obvious, but how do you recognise these individuals? Our research has identified the key building blocks that define a person’s ability to learn and develop new skills and abilities- the indicators that define people’s potential. Therefore, you can spot them earlier and be more confident that you’ve got it right.

To make the workplace more equal, you’ve got to have inclusive and bias-free performance management and skill development processes. That’s why we offer you a wide range of services:


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