Culture Change

The best businesses have the right culture

Your values, expectations, practices and norms define your organisation’s culture. It evolves to match the changing demands of the environment you work in.

So, for example, increased competition may raise the importance of innovation or cross-functional collaboration. Or a more diverse demographic may require more inclusive leadership strategies. However, people embrace change with varying degrees of ease and this can leave your organisation with unhelpful legacy attitudes and behaviours.

Leadership Competency Frameworks are fundamental in supporting culture change. They should describe the behaviours that are important to your organisation in the new changing context. They shouldn’t simply reflect the culture you currently have, or the culture that worked for you in the past. By working towards these new standards, leaders are able to role model the new culture to the organisation as a whole.

The long-term success of your talent management strategy and leadership development hinges on whether you’re evaluating success against the right criteria. You cannot underestimate the importance of getting the competencies right. We can help you explore your evolving needs and articulate this into a powerful set of leadership expectations.

Leaders must also enable others to adapt. We help leaders understand the psychology of change and the critical role they play in leading and supporting their teams through the process. This leads to realising the strategic goals of your organisation and create the right culture that will support this.

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