Inclusive Leadership

Inclusion inspires innovation

Our Inclusive Leadership workshops are designed to help you:

  • Get a practical understanding of Inclusive Leadership
  • Discover the connection between creating a more inclusive environment and enhancing team effectiveness
  • Learn what actions you can take to improve and develop your leadership style

Our workshops are especially impactful when you use them together with our Inclusive Leader Survey. It’s a feedback tool designed to equip you with individual feedback and a clear understanding of your current strengths and areas for development. The data collected from the survey can also be used to create an overall picture of the key strengths and development needs of all your leaders.

The workshops are based on our research into what makes inclusive leaders tick. In fact, we’ve identified three key competencies at the heart of Inclusive Leadership:

  • Culture

    Inclusive Leaders are proactive when it comes to creating a culture in which people feel safe to speak up, where team members work for one another and where each person feels they have something valuable to contribute.

  • Relationships

    These leaders invest time in getting to know each team member and valuing their individual contributions. They create wide, diverse networks and help their team members do the same.

  • Decision Making

    Inclusive Leaders have a clear understanding of their own unconscious biases. They take action to make sure these biases don’t influence the decisions they make. They also take time to make decisions about people, without acting on gut instinct or intuition.

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