Inclusive Network Analysis

Know how inclusive your workforce really is

An Inclusive Network Analysis examines the relationships that exist within a team, function or department. It’s particularly helpful from a diversity perspective, because it gives you an insight into how genuinely inclusive your organisation’s culture is.

How the analysis works

During the analysis, team members complete a questionnaire about how much contact they have with other people and how highly they value those relationships. From their responses, we can tell you how the group socialises and who’s in the ‘in-group’ and who’s not.

Here’s an example: we recently conducted a comprehensive gender review for a global insurance company. Our report revealed both the conscious and unconscious biases that were preventing more women from entering leadership positions. The report also provided detailed recommendations, which enabled the organisation to increase the number of women in its talent pipeline within a short space of time. The work was well-received by the company’s Group Executive Committee.

What do you get after an analysis?

You get ‘network maps’ of your team, function or department. They tell you how inclusive those groups are. We also illustrate the maps to identify any diversity themes, such as how well connected women and ethnic minority employees are. If you’ve opted for additional questions, such as those about development opportunities, we’ll give you maps that pinpoint any problems. This enables concerns such as career blocks and exclusive networks to be identified and addressed – enabling you to create a more inclusive culture. We’ll present the results of the analysis to you and discuss its implications for your team, together with any recommended actions.

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