Live Bias Reviews

See how bias is affecting your business

Where is unconscious bias actually having an impact in your organisation? A Live Bias Review can help you work that out. During a review we observe a client’s live meeting or discussion that may be prone to bias. The setting could be a moderation meeting, a promotion panel discussion or a recruitment day. As bias specialists, we join the meeting to identify:

  • Whether bias is affecting decisions
  • Which types of bias are evident in the discussion
  • What would address or remedy the identified biases
  • Whether there are any wider factors that are intensifying the biases

After a Live Bias Review, we provide you with evidence and feedback about the biases affecting your decisions and the objectivity of these processes. We also give feedback to those individuals demonstrating the bias.

Our Live Bias Reviews provide invaluable, live data for your organisation: your decision making is equipped with real-time evidence. We’ve found them to play a critical role in helping individuals recognise when they’re letting their biases affect them. Most importantly, these reviews provide bespoke and very specific recommendations. They tell you what needs to change in order to remove bias from key decisions about your people.

Watch Nic Hammarling, Head of Diversity, introduce Live Bias reviews

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