How to improve your workplace with employee motivation

Why do people love (or hate) working at an organisation? What makes them emotionally invested (or uninterested) in their company and its goals? You might have heard the official term for this emotion before. It’s called employee engagement – something that all businesses are always looking to increase. That’s because it leads to things like better productivity, lower turnover, and increased quality of work.

A great measure of success for any organisation is when people say it’s ‘a great place to work’. But how do you achieve this? This is a big challenge for your organisation and its leaders – to motivate the people around you and get the best out of them. There are many theories on employee motivation, but everyone’s different. These sometimes subtle, but significant, differences can be left under the radar.

You need to be able to understand motivation. Why for some people recognition is more important than money, and how to meet those individuals’ needs. Some of your team may thrive on competiveness, when others may enjoy supporting their fellow team members. When these things are understood, good things happen:

  • The quality of conversation you can have increases dramatically
  • Performance reviews become more meaningful
  • Leaders are able to foster an inclusive team environment.

Through our work, we can help you identify your key drivers of employee engagement and embed these within your leadership practices. As we know, different individuals will have different motivators. However, there are some fundamental ingredients to making sure that your people will do their best for you and remain loyal. Creating this inclusive environment shows that you value your people and increases engagement across a diverse spectrum of team members.

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