How to make new recruits feel at home, at work

When a new employee joins an organisation, they usually decide if they’re welcome within the first month. They start to plan, in the first six months, whether they want to stay long term. 70% of employee turnover is because people feel disconnected. Successful onboarding, and the right onboarding plan is key to solving this problem, and key to improving employee engagement. This is also something our onboarding experts can help with.

Onboarding doesn’t just affect motivation and employee engagement. It is strongly associated with lower levels of stress, positive adjustment to a new role, and improving commitment to their organisation. However, in our experiences, onboarding new employees is often neglected. There can be a view in some organisations that when you find the best candidates, the rest will take care of itself. This simply isn’t true – lacking an employee onboarding process can be hugely detrimental to the employee and the organisation.

Onboarding new employees makes the most of the talent you’ve hired in a short period of time. It doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Organisations can often overlook the insights and intelligence they’ve already gathered on the new starter. You can start your onboarding plan with the vast amount of useful information already collected from the assessment process. Tailoring this plan will help massively with improving your new recruit’s confidence, and improving employee engagement.

Leaders need successful onboarding too. Organisational success is often related to the networks people have, their knowledge of how the organisation functions on a day-to-day basis, and the stories they’re able to tell and leverage. This is especially critical for individuals in senior roles. As we all know, the first 100 days are vital in any role so the right onboarding policies can alleviate stress and set new leaders up for achieving great things.

In addition to this, by failing to include diversity and inclusion best practices in your onboarding plan, you can often leave certain employees feeling unmotivated and lacking in engagement.

The best onboarding processes take all these things into account and support new employees to hit the ground running, and always keeps diversity and inclusion in mind. Our diversity & inclusion consultants will take care of this when tailoring your employee onboarding process, improving employee engagement and commitment. Here’s how our consultants can help your business get the onboarding process right:


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