Talent Management

How to identify and promote the very best of all your talent

We take an integrated approach to talent management and talent development. By evaluating the best combination of assessment and development insights, our consultants help you reach the right people across your organisation. We help you construct a clear and objective definition of ‘potential’. We then look at how your employees perform in their current roles but also look at their ability to progress in your organisation. This is crucial for succession planning which means better leadership, in the long run. We do this by evaluating each employee’s learning and development capability – something which can often be overlooked.

Diverse Talent Management

The world has never been more open. Globalisation has inspired many organisations to hire people from different backgrounds and yet there is a lack of diverse talent at the top of most organisations. This is because there are a number of factors that affect who is recognised as ‘talent’, and who is promoted. This is where our talent management and talent development approach steps in.

We all hold stereotypes – our diverse talent management training focuses on not just finding the best talent, but doing so in the fairest ways. Our training is informed by our extensive research in designing and delivering talent management training, processes, and development centres which all have no adverse impact. This means they assist your organization in spotting and nurturing all of your potential talent, rather than a narrow slice of it.

By using Positive Action development initiatives, we can help your business address diverse talent management across senior leadership. Our training and research on how to get this right means it’s welcomed by both minority and majority employees. Our consultants also offer Live Bias Reviews which provide invaluable, live data for your organisation. They are critical in helping individuals recognise when they’re letting their biases affect them, especially when it comes to identifying talent. As a result, working with us can help your talent pipeline become more diverse and improve promotion outcomes.

Our leadership development training can be applied to senior leaders or high potentials. The leadership development training we provide can all be fitted within the constraints of your organisation’s budgets and needs:


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