Online & Blended Learning

Learn online, lead offline

Online solutions can deliver a lot of reach and flexibility. By taking advantage of that, we seek out opportunities for you to maximise the impact of your investment in development. You’re probably wondering how you can reach a wider range of leaders in your organisation—through a one-to-one coaching programme or a leadership development centre.

We can find the right channel or combination of channels to reach your target leadership group. Whether you are constrained by budget, by geographical spread, or whether you require a more agile solution.

One approach is our online development centre solution, iLEAD. Here’s how it works:

  • iLEAD is built around your competency framework and provides candidates with feedback based on their personality profile, 360 feedback and motivations
  • It incorporates a range of tools to help leaders reflect on their progress and create a development plan
  • Participants can complete the process at a time that suits them
  • The resulting development report can be shared with line-managers or HR to secure the best ongoing support
  • It can be part of a wider solution, for example, by offering follow-up coaching or access to additional online learning tools

We have a range of digital learning options. In addition to offering off-the-self e-learning packages on diversity issues, we’ve also helped clients find creative ways to use webinars and access to our online iLEAD Tools. A blended approach can be very useful. For example, by providing essential introductory knowledge via a webinar and then following this up with a more focused face-to-face workshop to put the skills into practice.

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