Monthly Race at Work Twitter clinics with Guilaine Kinouani

We are excited to announce that Senior Psychologist Guilaine Kinouani will be holding monthly ‘Twitter clinics’ on behalf of Pearn Kandola. These clinics will consist of a monthly consultation and conversation on our Twitter account.

Guilaine specialises on issues of equality, inclusion, and wellbeing and their intersection and will share some insights to inspire employees, employers, and other organisational influencers to embrace ‘difference’ and some of the challenges but also opportunities it brings organisations.

We hope these clinics will increase engagement in and understanding of some of the organisational and social factors that impact on the employee life cycle from a race equality perspective.

Below is a little information about the clinics.

Are these clinics open to everyone?

Yes. Everyone can benefit from harnessing the power of difference at work and, from better understanding some of the Diversity & Inclusion issues that impact the employee life cycle. Nonetheless, managers, organisational leaders and others charged with human resources, staff development and management functions, may find the PK clinics particularly helpful.

When will they take place?

At present we are piloting running the Twitter PK clinics every first (working) Monday of the month from 19:00 – 20:00.

How can I contribute?

You can contribute by joining the Twitter clinics live as they occur and by sharing, re-tweeting and contributing questions and comments. The topic for each clinic will be announced a few days in advance on our Twitter account.

We will aim to respond to as many comments and queries as possible, although it may not always be possible to answer every single query on Twitter. If you have an outstanding query, do feel free to contact Guilaine.

Can I influence the choice of topics?

Absolutely! Our goal is for these clinics is to be participatory, inclusive, and challenging. And while we can only offer a very brief introduction to the topics covered, Guilaine and her colleagues are available to pursue any conversation off line. For more detailed/advanced bespoke consultations, needs assessment, or training do get in touch!

What if I cannot be there in real time?

We will be using the hashtag #PKClinic with each thread/online conversation as part of the clinic, so that you may catch up with the discussion and conversation post-clinic. Please do refer others to these!

How can I get in touch with Guilaine?

Guilaine can be contacted via email:

When is the first clinic and what will it be about?

We will launch the Pearn Kandola clinic on Monday, March 4th from 18:00 – 19:00 on @PearnKandola.

The topic will be racial trauma at work. We look forward to catching up with you then!

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