Leadership workshops inspire MOSAIC Stars to aim higher

Pearn Kandola is using its unique perspective on leadership development and diversity to help young people recognised as having real potential to do something worthwhile with their lives and careers. We are one of several organisations contributing time and expertise to an inspiring development programme that supports MOSAIC Stars.

MOSAIC is a Business in the Community initiative. It was established in 2007 by HRH The Prince of Wales to offer a helping hand to Muslim communities in deprived areas of Britain. The charity aims to achieve a more integrated society where everyone can thrive, regardless of their background. It is active in schools up and down the country, working with young people in different ways to develop their skills and talents, and encouraging them to make a positive social contribution.

The MOSAIC Stars programme offers promising 14-17 year olds access to unique support and development opportunities. Typically, these students have demonstrated clear leadership potential, and through working with MOSAIC mentors have improved their attainment, social behaviour and school attendance.

Every year, up to thirty young people are nominated from each of four regions – London, West Midlands, North-West and Yorkshire – to take part in the programme. This combines MOSAIC’s own activities with external opportunities, with the aim of helping participants to develop the abilities, connections and motivations to become better leaders.

Pearn Kandola psychologists run half-day workshops to raise students’ awareness of core leadership skills and how they can be developed. The interactive sessions, featuring group presentations and discussions, focus on our research-based ALERT model of leadership principles.

“These workshops give students genuine insight into what makes a great business leader. We urge them to think about what leadership means to them personally, and then to compare their own approaches with established leadership models. This gives them something to aspire to in the future,” says Pearn Kandola Partner Stuart Duff, who has been involved in supporting MOSAIC’s annual international leadership summit.


“Pearn Kandola and Mosaic’s Stars programme are perfectly made for each other. The leadership workshops are exactly the type of exclusive and insightful opportunity we seek to provide participating students, who our mentors have identified as the future leaders of tomorrow. The lessons learned are sure to stay with them for a long time.”

Saad Awan, Campaigns Manager, Mosaic

“I thought this was a great experience. I learnt others views on leadership and enjoyed working with different people I did not know.”

Student, Grange Technology College

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