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For over 35 years, we've been driven by a desire to make the world fairer.
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PK:INDYNAMICS PK:INDYNAMICS Teams helps you move the dial on inclusion, by making everyone aware of the impact they have on creating a more inclusive workplace..

Who it helps:

  • Individuals get the feedback they need to personally become more inclusive.
  • Team leaders see the actions they can take to create a more effective and inclusive team.
  • Senior stakeholders have a snapshot of how inclusive the whole organisation is.

How it helps:

  • Monitor progress over time, to ensure inclusion isn't just a 'one-off workshop' but an ongoing programme.
  • Team members will be able to spot behaviours that lead to exclusion and be empowered to take action.
  • Employees at all levels of the business will feel understood, listened to and be able to be themselves.

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PK:INDYNAMICS Teams allows you to invest strategically in inclusion by providing a snapshot of where the strengths and development needs are, for bothteams and the individuals within them

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PK:INDYNAMICS Inclusive leaders create teams who are 84% more motivated and 81% more productive than those with leaders who fail to do so

Who it helps:

  • Gives the most influential people in your business insights into how inclusive they really are
  • Provides a depth of insight into a leader’s skillset and what they need to do to be more inclusive
  • Reaches throughout the business to leaders spread across broad geographies

How it helps:

  • Discover how inclusive you are and what you can do to be more inclusive – then lead by example
  • Learn your specific development needs so you can take immediate action for effective change
  • Re-take assessments at regular intervals to check progress and maintain momentum

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PK:INDYNAMICS Leader also helps you identify where your investment will be most beneficial, allowing you to target the areas of inclusion that will have the most significant impact in creating inclusive environments where all can thrive

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