Ultimately, there is a role for all of us in creating an inclusive environment. 

We are all responsible for creating a sense of unity and belonging. Every employee in your organisation can, and should, make a difference.

Measuring inclusion

Drawing from over 35 years experience in Diversity and Inclusion, PK:INDYNAMICS TEAMS measures each person’s personality style and their ability to create an inclusive team. It provides insight on how inclusive they are individually and collectively. The profiles that emerge provide each individual with the feedback that they need to become more inclusive. Participants will receive:

  • Detailed feedback on how inclusive they are.
  • Guidance on how to be more inclusive.
  • The ability to monitor progress over time.
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Inclusion on every level

Critically, it gives an indication of the environment and culture that is created within the team. Team leaders will see the actions that they need to take to build a more effective and inclusive team. At an organisational level, HR directors, diversity and inclusion directors, and other senior leaders will be able to see a snapshot of how inclusive their teams are and see how inclusive the organisation as a whole is.

  • Complete quickly online, at your own convenience.
  • Receive instant access to results.
  • Reach team members across broad geographies.
  • Reach deeper within the organisation to effect change.
  • Cost effective.
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The outcomes

After completing PK:INDYNAMICS TEAMS, organisations can:

  • See how inclusive their teams are.
  • Pinpoint behaviours that help and hinder inclusion.
  • Identify hotspots where greater support is required.
  • Monitor progress over time.
  • Move the dial on inclusion.
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  • The report was so helpful for me to understand what stops me from being as inclusive as I could be.
  • Nice, safe way of finding out how inclusive I am, without feeling like I’ve been put on the spot or exposed in a group setting.