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Ethnicity pay gap reporting may become compulsory

HR Magazine
November 6, 2018
UK companies may be forced to publish their ethnicity pay gaps under new government plans.
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HR Books

HR Magazine
August 6, 2018
This book looks at how race affects the workplace: from recruitment to perceptions of leaders. It contains thorough research, direct observations, and decades of professional practice.
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Are appointments doomed to bias?

HR Magazine
March 1, 2018
A multinational business, headquartered in the US, introduced a policy a few years ago that was designed to increase the level of diversity in its senior ranks. When appointing a leadership role…
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Why new fathers are too scared to take paternity leave

HR Zone
June 15, 2018
Uptake of shared parental leave among new fathers is low. What's holding men back from caring for their children? Read the full article on HR Zone 
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How negative behaviours can make the strongest employees

Training Journal
June 22, 2018
Working with someone who has a negative outlook can be taxing. Maybe they’re pessimistic, regularly complaining about clients and workloads. They might nit-pick, criticising and questioning details which seemingly have no real…
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