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    How to: Spot, Tackle and Eliminate Unconscious Bias
    January 17, 2023
    It's no secret that some people face greater obstacles in both life and in the workplace. From sexism…
    How have the recent tech layoffs impacted workplace DEI?
    March 8
    December 20, 2022
    The technology industry has seen an unprecedented number of layoffs throughout 2022 – but how has this impacted…
    Christian employees feel ‘silenced’ in the workplace
    Faith Herald
    December 14, 2022
    “Hostility” and “ridicule” are some of the experiences reported by Christian employees in the UK and US, according…
    Many Christians feel unable to express religious identity at work
    Personnel Today
    December 14, 2022
    Despite being the most common religion in the UK, many Christian employees feel unable to comfortably express their…
    Palace race scandal: HR must assess work culture ‘from top to bottom’ to root out racism
    HR Grapevine
    December 5, 2022
    Employers must critically assess their workplace culture “from top to bottom” to root out racism, an expert has…
    Five steps to attract more staff with disabilities that every business can take
    Business Live
    December 3, 2022
    Diverse workplaces that bring together experience from all areas of life tend to perform better. If this is…