All I want for Christmas is resilience

Relying on the Christmas break to provide a window of relief – dragging ourselves across the finishing line as it were – can only offer temporary relief from dealing with the stresses of work. Instead, writes Pearn Kandola’s Stuart Duff, we should work on new ways of strengthening our resilience.

Whether it’s the presents, the opportunity to over-indulge, the legendary BBC One line-up of favourite shows or the idea of some time with friends and family, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t looking forward to the festive season in some way or another.

Christmas can also be a trying time, though, without wishing to appear too Scrooge-like. There are the usual end-of-year pressures at work; annual reporting, the financial squeeze as budgets start to run dry and the monumental task of planning for the year ahead. Outside the office, we’re even busier than ever as well. There are school nativities to attend, Christmas shopping trips to do, travel and accommodation arrangements to make and social events to find time for. And on top of all this it’s dark and extremely wet outside.

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