Binna Kandola: Keeping track of racism mutations

by Professor Binna Kandola, co-founder and senior partner, Pearn Kandola

“[RACISM] has been solved long ago.”  These are the words of Academy-Award winning actor, Jon Voight, in a video response to the tragic shootings in the US last week.

Voight talks about how “it seems the angered left and angered minorities want to hold president Trump accountable for past lives”, and explains the problem of racism in America was, in fact, solved by its forefathers.

The question though, is whether there is any truth to such a claim.

The answer? Of course not. What we are witnessing is a perfect example of modern racism in action.

Racism has been likened to a virus that mutates, taking on different forms as it adapts to a changing environment. Its mutation is made harder to observe by it being deeply embedded, not only in our traditions and institutions, but also in our unconscious lives.

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