Does my team really want a Christmas party?

I remember reading a survey last year on what Christmas benefits employees would most like to receive from their employers.

A quarter (25%) of respondents had said that they would like to receive a Christmas bonus and a further 23% said that they would like a pay rise, while just 8% would like to attend a team meal out.

Surveys such as this tend to make the headlines most years, arguing that employees would prefer to receive a cash gift for Christmas than attend an office party. As a result, I’m sure that many business leaders will be wondering how best to approach the issue.

For most businesses, a Christmas party isn’t just a reward for work completed throughout the year. Encouraging staff to come together for a festive social event could also have value as a team-building exercise.

But, is a Christmas party more trouble than it’s worth? Are there more effective ways of motivating staff during the festive season?

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